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SMART Women Series - "SMART Women Understand Our Past As We Face Our Future"

  • Wednesday, May 12, 2021
  • 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM
  • Virtual meeting via Zoom
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Dr. EllenRiojas Clark

Jennifer Speed

Much ink has been spilled over the men of the Mexican Revolution, but far less has been written about its women. Kathy Sosa, Dr. Ellen Riojas Clark, and Jennifer Speed set out to right this wrong in their new book, Revolutionary Women of Texas and Mexico, which celebrates the women of early Texas and Mexico who refused to walk a traditional path.

The anthology embraces an expansive definition of the word revolutionary by looking at female role models and subversives from the last century who stood up for their visions and ideals, and continue to stand for them today. Eighteen portraits provide readers with a glimpse into each figure’s life and place in history.

At the heart of the portraits are the women of the Mexican Revolution (1910–1920)—like the Soldaderas who shadowed the Mexican armies, tasked with caring for and treating the wounded troops. Filling in the gaps are iconic godmothers, like the Virgin of Guadalupe and La Malinche, whose stories are seamlessly woven into the collective history of Texas and Mexico. Portraits of artists Frida Kahlo and Nahui Olin and activists Emma Tenayuca and Genoveva Morales take readers from post-revolutionary Mexico into the present.

The Trinity University Press is promoting this wonderful book, and generously offering a 20% discount through 6/1/21 to our audience.  You may view their purchase options by visiting them at Revolutionary Women of Texas and Mexico and purchase your book today!

Use the discount code SMARTWOMEN (all one word) when checking out. 

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