SMART Women Summer Series - SMART Women Have Real Discussions About Teen Bullying & Suicide

  • Wednesday, July 29, 2020
  • 11:30 AM - 12:45 PM
  • Virtual meeting via Zoom
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SMART Women Have Real Discussions

About Teen Bullying & Suicide

Join us for the second session in this Summer Series!  This will be a two-part series that will be followed up on August 26th with "SMART Women Know the Hurt & Danger of Adult Bullying in the Workplace."

As we all know, having more than a two-minute conversation about anything of substance with most teens can often feel like a huge victory!  If we aren't given the time to have the "hard talks" with our teens, how do we identify the underlying signals of teens that are being bullied or contemplating suicide?

Our provocateur,  Geraldine Garcia, retired Asst. Chief of Police for SAPD; a Career and Technical Education Teacher/School Resource Officer in the East Central Independent School District; as well as an Associate with Andrade-Van de Putte & Associates, LLC, will get into the hard facts of this ever growing problem. 

She will share her accumulated knowledge from her 34 years with SAPD, relationships with the municipal, county, and federal law enforcement, and local school districts to provide details around identifying bullying behavior, youth violence, addressing the problem, and the Texas Anti-Bullying Law.